Inspiring a Life of Significance

“Every child deserves the right to leave her own unique mark on the world”



Round Square, the Roedean Academy, the President’s Award, and the Pupils’ Leadership Summit

Our mission remains the same as when the school was founded in 1903, which is to empower young women for their roles in the world. Roedean’s tag line (motto) , “Inspiring a life of significance”, instils in our pupils an understanding of the socio-economic realities of the world and encourages the pupils to use their education for the common good of others.

We are a member of the Global Round Square Association, which is an international network of 200 schools in 50 countries, committed to developing courageous and compassionate leaders and to the values of the 6 Round Square ideals: Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

We are also active participants in The President’s Award Youth Empowerment Programme which aims to help young people find their purpose, passion, and place in this world.

Active social responsibility is fundamental to the school’s ethos. On 28 March 2019, we celebrated ten years of collaboration with the Roedean Academy. The Roedean Academy is one of the many structured programmes aimed at encouraging pupils to give back to society. The Academy provides tutoring in Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting and English to 100 pupils from an under-resourced neighbouring school, Barnato Park.

Women in Leadership is one of Roedean’s strategic objectives. In partnersip with SAORA, we launched the hugely successful Pupils’ Leadership Summit, which we plan to host each year. The Summit offers a platform to discuss critical social issues that affect young women.