Inspiring a Life of Significance

“Every child deserves the right to leave her own unique mark on the world”


Roedean Story

In 1903, only two years after the end of the Boer War, Theresa Lawrence and Katherine Margaret Earle set sail for South Africa, inspired by a vision. Their mission was to create a world-class sister school to the esteemed Roedean Brighton.

Founded by the Lawrence family in 1885, the core ethos of Roedean Brighton was to provide young girls with the kind of academic education that would enable them to meet the challenges they faced during this time in their struggle for gender equality.

Together, these resourceful pioneers of the teaching profession built Roedean School (SA) and so began its great history of academic excellence, civic duty, and cultural diversity. Their vision within the framework of a nurturing and caring environment was brought to life with stunning gardens and Sir Herbert Baker architecture.

Roedean continues to place great emphasis on the founding values of the school: Truth, Honour, Freedom and Courtesy. These guiding principles form the ethos of Roedean School (SA). For decades, Roedean’ s reputation for excellence in the academic teaching of girls and young women ensures that they are able to lead lives of significance. As life becomes increasingly complex, these values become more and more important.