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COVID Response

Social Responsibility Responds to Covid

Under Covid-19 we have been able to unify our collective will as a nation to end the spread of the virus. Our willingness to act together to protect humanity demonstrates that we can overcome individual selfishness. The self-isolation has, however, also exposed the deeper forms of inequality that present a challenge far more complex than a single virus.

We are more aware than ever of our collective inter-dependent existence and the interconnections between our communities. During this time, the act of building hope and solidarity, and actively countering despair and division, exemplifies service in leadership.

This has been evident in the various initiatives our pupils have organised amongst themselves, mobilising our community into action as our weekly engagements with our community partners have not been possible due to Covid-19.

The Fundraising for Face Masks Project was launched by two senior pupils during lockdown, to raise R21 000 for the manufacturing of 2 600 masks for the pupils at Roedean’s partner school, Johannesburg Girls Preparatory; two masks were to be allocated to each pupil. The girls surpassed their target, with the extra funds being used for the repairs to the school since they had had a break-in over lockdown.

May Movement, a movement conceptualised by the pupils, was introduced to the pupils at the start of Term 2 2020 and ended at the end of Term 3. There were several components that made up this project; compiling and distribution of food parcels, including educational materials for destitute families whose children would normally attend NOAH Yeoville. NOAH Yeoville is one of Roedean’s community partners, with whom Lambs House volunteers implement weekly literacy and numeracy sessions; the making of face masks for pupils at Yeoville Community School; the knitting of squares for blankets and the making of educational games for Roedean’s partner Flying Children, an early childhood development project on the West Rand. Pupils were also encouraged to donate clothing, toys and books to Roedean’s community partners which will be distributed once lockdown restrictions are lifted.