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Funding for the Future

For over 120 years Roedean has been laying the foundations for all our pupils to go on to live lives of significance. Our goal is to provide these remarkable women with the best possible opportunities, through their learning environment and educational resources, that will set them up to realise their full potential. We do this by investing in them and the school itself. Over the years we have received the help and support of many generous donors who have created their own legacies by assisting the school grow and flourish. Below are some of our programmes that elevate our pupils, staff and our communities.

Roedean Legacy Fund

Roedean Legacy Fund 2023
Celebrating 120 years of excellence in education

The Roedean Legacy Fund is an opportunity for individuals, families, or organisations to make a significant impact on the lives of so many by investing in a project or worthy pupil whose encounter will extend well into the future and provides a ripple effect of positive change. The Legacy Fund provides its donors with an opportunity to pay tribute and honour the patron through naming rights that can be revered and memorialised for eternity.

The Roedean Legacy fund will generate and distribute financial assistance to enhance student achievement through academic bursaries; it will provide capital for projects and technology enhancements to encourage new approaches to learning and deliver enrichment opportunities through support for our many flagship programmes.

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A gift to the Roedean 120th birthday Legacy Fund capital campaign is an opportunity to help shape and elevate the learning environment for our students. More details will be shared in the coming weeks on what capital projects you can support as part of this campaign.

Leaving a Legacy to Roedean School through your will (South Africa only)
Your will is naturally a private matter, but if you’re willing to keep us informed about any decision you make relating to naming us in your will, we’d appreciate the chance to thank you properly. Use your will to change a life today and a generation tomorrow.

Estate duty refers to a tax of 20% that is levied on the estate of a deceased person in accordance with the provision of the Estate Duty Act. Estate duty is levied on the dutiable portion of the deceased estate. Currently, estate duty is levied at a rate of 20% on assets exceeding R3.5-million in the estate at the time of the donor’s death. One way to avoid paying estate duty is by leaving a legacy to an institution such as Roedean. Charitable legacies of this nature are deducted from the value of the estate before duty is calculated. It is best to consult with your attorney for advice if you plan to make a charitable gift to Roedean in terms of a will.

Any information you provide will remain strictly confidential. Should you have any queries or wish to discuss leaving a legacy to Roedean, please contact our Fundraising department.

Primary objective of the legacy fund
To be sustainable and ensure a positive social impact, in order for Roedean to retain its high standard of learning and preparing its pupils for life.

Secondary objectives of the legacy fund
It provides funding for improved facilities, programmes and equipment that will distinguish the school and its tradition of being an educational facility that sets the standard.

The fund presents a unique opportunity for individuals, families, and corporates to invest in Roedean School (SA) and leave a legacy for educating our girls into the next century.

Establish the largest philanthropic endeavour in Roedean School (SA)’s history – benefitting our pupils and community for generations to come.

Roedean Trust Bursary

Working in partnership with the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and the Student Scholarship Programme (SSP), Roedean awards four or five merit bursaries each year to pupils entering Grade 8. They are awarded to pupils who excel academically and demonstrate the ability to make contributions to Roedean in other areas.

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Applications are made through Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and SSP, who recommend suitable candidates to the school. These candidates are then interviewed by the school.

Any information you provide will remain strictly confidential. Should you have any queries or wish to discuss leaving a legacy to Roedean, please contact our Fundraising department.

By giving to the Roedean Trust bursary programme, you play an integral role in supporting the future of our young women and supporting our future as the best school of all! Your support, no matter the size, will provide students with the opportunity to experience a life-changing education.

To apply for the Trust bursary, please visit our Scholarships and Bursaries page here.

Memorial | Tribute | Honorary Gifts

A tribute gift is a meaningful way to convey sympathy to the bereaved, memorialise a loved one, commemorate a special occasion or honour a person’s life and accomplishments.

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Please mention the name of the person you wish to honour with your gift, and if there is a specific fund being used to honour this person. If you would like Roedean to notify the honouree or a family member, please also indicate the details of the individual to be notified.

Should you wish to donate a gift, contact Charmaine Gola on 011 6473 240 to discuss further.

Capital Development Projects

In order to continue providing and growing the school, various developmental projects have been identified that the board see will add great value to the school and its pupils in the fore coming future.

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Staff Quarters Upgrades D&T Centre upgrades Junior School Upgrades

Capital development may include staff quarters, new property development and building as well as IT infrastructure development. A location neighbouring the campus has been identified as having potential to add value, in terms of allowing for facilities development, whilst also optimising and complementing spatial limitations.