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Sport in the Junior School

Junior School


Aims of the Sports Programme at Roedean:

  • To provide maximum participation and enjoyment for pupils.
  • To provide effective and enthusiastic coaching/instruction at all levels;.
  • To create opportunities for pupils to perform and compete either at a personal or team level within the school (interhouse activities) and outside the school (interschool, interclub activities, provincial and national level).
  • To foster a healthy school spirit through participation and enjoyment.
  • To nurture sporting excellence
  • To continue the implementation of transformation in all our sporting codes.

Junior School Sport

One of the main objectives of Sport at Roedean is to give pupils opportunities to participate in activities that develop their physical potential and enhance their school experiences. Further, we believe that participation in sport promotes important life skills, such as teamwork and sportsmanship, and develops resilience, determination, and the ability to deal with disappointment. Sport also encourages diligence and perseverance, habits of mind deemed to be important in each of our girls’ overall development.

The promotion of an active lifestyle and a life-long commitment to physical activity is close to our hearts, as it has been clearly established that physical activity contributes to psychological wellbeing. We believe that sport should be a source of great pleasure, and we seek to promote this.

Megan Scott: Head of Junior School Sport