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Upper IVs (Grade 7s) Greek Chorus

Published on: 25th Mar 2021

The Upper IVs (Grade 7s) worked in groups of 6, even though traditionally the smallest chorus included 12 people.

Each group presented a Greek chorus on at least one of the following daily activities:

  • Brushing their teeth
  • Packing a lunch
  • Choosing an outfit to wear
  • Getting to school
  • Feeding the household pet

They spent time working together to write and present a Greek chorus piece that narrated the actions of the activity. Their narrations had to be extremely detailed and descriptive.


  • Greta Carnelli
  • Esmé du Plessis
  • Lilly Playne
  • Caitlyn Stuart
  • Mokgethwa Masilela
  • Julie Olivier (UIV.2)

Esmé arose, and through her windows saw the great blue yonder
And from there she began to ponder
The jeans, the shirts, the dresses, the shoes
From which ye closet shall thy maiden choose

She ripped thy linen sheets from thy bodice
While trying thy very best to be modest
Thy maiden’s magnificent mother yelled
“Thou must be ready now!”

She walks to ye mighty dresser.
She must look handsome for Prince Charles Chester
Which of thy attire shall she choose
And don’t get her started on the shoes

She must look proper for ye gathering
As the prince will sit high on thy throne, chattering
She must be spotted from the crowd of peasants
While eating delicately one of Prince Charles pleasants

The governess walks into the room in a hurry
For she was farting for eating to much curry
Esmeralda pinches her nose and yells
Now bow peasant as I shall now marry Prince Charles

She found a dress of all mighty shades and colour
She went downstairs to show her mother
Thy mother screamed at little Esmeralda with hair in a mess
You are wearing that for your governess?

She realised that Prince Charles Chester of Texas was just a dream
And she was about to scream.