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The Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a forum that is lead and managed by the Deputy Head Girl of the school, who is supported by the SRC board, the SRC Teacher-in-Charge and a group of girls who serve as representatives for their respective grades and houses.

SRC provides girls with a platform to verbalise issues and provide suggestions regarding the school environment and is important in supporting the delivery of effective and efficient student support structures. Various concerns and suggestions are put forward to the SRC board and, through a channel of upward communication, the matters are taken to the school’s executive team in an efficient and effective way. SRC allows for girls of all ages to represent the concerns of their grade and house.

The 2019 SRC board restructured the way the SRC operated, and this has allowed subsequent SRC boards to run more efficiently and effectively as there were frequent feedback sessions with the school executive, where clear visions of the changes the pupils wanted to see was provided. With the assistance of the SRC, members of the student body have engaged with the executive committee and board on pertinent issues and outdated traditions at Roedean. The SRC has also begun the process of a drafting an updated and inclusive hair policy. Additionally, the SRC has assisted in a new system for PTA books, explored methods for bonding across grades and promoted awareness around prominent social issues.