Inspiring a Life of Significance

“Every child deserves the right to leave her own unique mark on the world”


Visual Arts and Design

Co-curricular Art and Design Activities

National Art Competitions

As South Africa does not host many national art competitions pupils, to provide our pupils with the opportunity to accrue additional points for Art Colours, we liaised with Dr Rexleigh Bunyard’s initiative, The Rainbow’s Child – a musical designed around a number of social responsibility aspects including the health of the earth, recycling, and learning through alternative avenues. Consequently, an annual, national art competition was launched through the Roedean Department of Visual Arts & Design, in partnership with MTN Art Foundation and The United Nations. The latter body will rely on our entries to collate teaching tools in the form of theatre masks designed for the various characters in the musical. These tools will be used in schools set up in refugee camps.

More information around this ongoing project can be viewed at www.therainbowschild.com

The Annual Fashion Show

This show forms an important part of the real-life experience of our young designers. Being made cognizant of world-wide trends in fashion, film, industry and engineering practices, a brief is followed by our young designers around a given theme. Significant prestige is awarded to the creators of winning entries, and, in several instances, these extraordinary designs most successfully enriched the applications of young designers to tertiary institutions – local and internationally.

Art & Music Evenings

These events are hosted once per term to showcase the cultural talent in our school. Exhibitions include artworks, photographs and films done in lesson time, but also facilitate an exhibition space for co-curricular artistic achievement.
Works are accompanied by a rationale in which the artists explain various points of interest around the creation of their exhibited works.

Some of these works are also showcased on our social media platforms in the form of interviews and film clips.

International and Local Art Tours

Ideally, international Art tours are conducted to a selection of countries hosting important art collections and architecture such as England, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, etc. These tours usually take place during the April holidays.

We are also planning to embark, as soon as Covid restrictions on school tours are lifted, on local art tours to visit special points of interest such as San art and engravings on site, the Stern museum in Cape Town, as well as important contemporary architecture and art such as the Zeitz Mocaa Gallery.

Photography Club

The club is run by photography enthusiasts – not all of them Art girls – and competitions are run regularly.
Their skill is also acknowledged when a photograph is of such a high standard that it is used in the annual school magazine, for which Art Colours points are awarded.