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Senior Nurturing Environment

Senior Nurturing


Nurturing Environment:

Pastoral Care

Roedean Senior School has an established and structured Pastoral Care System. Pupils are nurtured, through the House system, by their peers, Tutors, and Housemistresses as well as the Deputy Head of Pastoral Care.

Peer support:

Each Lower V pupil is allocated a Matric ‘buddy’ who will mentor her through her first year at Roedean. Another layer of peer support comes in the form of Vertical Tutor Groups, where pupils across all grades gather in small groups to discuss topical subjects or concerns.


Each tutor group is allocated two tutors who have regular contact with the class. The role of the tutor is to track progress and support pupils throughout their time at school.


The Housemistresses oversee the House system and have an overview of all the pupils in their House. Any concerns or celebrations are shared with the Housemistresses and they are able to follow up in the appropriate manner.

Deputy Head of Pastoral Care:

The Deputy Head of Pastoral Care is there to support all the pupils in the school as well as connect with parents when the need arises. Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they have any concern about their daughter’s emotional well-being.


The school is fortunate to have three full-time qualified psychologists on site. The psychologists interact with the Lower V and Middle V classes to address emotional well-being and discuss social issues. Individual attention is available to pupils and families.

The Pastoral Care System is aimed at providing individual and group support, as well as at creating awareness regarding socio-emotional challenges. The work of our Pastoral Care Team aims to ensure that every pupil feels cared for and valued during her time at Roedean.