Inspiring a Life of Significance

“Every child deserves the right to leave her own unique mark on the world”


Cognitive Education

Cognitive Education Programme:

The Cognitive Education Programme underpins the entire curriculum at Roedean, from Grade 0 to Matric, and plays a large part in building an effective learning community, with the goal of producing independent, creative, critical, reflective, and ethical thinkers who will be equipped to thrive in the rapidly changing world in which they will work and live.

The programme aims to develop and enhance the pupils’ ability to exercise metacognition, reason logically, think strategically, solve problems, innovate, create, and imagine, and to communicate effectively.

Habits of Mind:

The Habits of Mind, developed by Art Costa and Bena Kallick, provide the umbrella framework for the implementation of the programme. The Habits of Mind are dispositions that empower creative and critical thinking.

The understanding and application of the Habits equip the pupils to respond to problems by using awareness (cues), thought, and intentional strategy in order to gain a positive outcome.

An accredited Thinking School:

Roedean’s Thinking School journey was initiated in 2009, and in 2017 the school became the first whole school (Gr 0-Gr 12) in South Africa to be accredited as a Thinking School by the University of Exeter (UK).

In 2020, the school was awarded Advanced Accreditation status; again the first in South Africa. We strive to prepare each of our pupils to lead ‘a life of significance’ and the Cognitive Education Programme plays an important role in this preparation.

For more information please click the image below to view the Cognitive Education pamphlet.