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LV and MV Curriculum

Lower V and Middle V Curriculum

The Lower V and Middle V (Grade 8 and Grade 9) academic curriculum has been re-designed to reduce academic stress for our girls. Previously, Lower V girls studied 14 subjects concurrently, while those in Middle V studied 13.

Most of the subjects were examinable and were assessed on a regular basis by formal testing. Many girls found such a large number of subjects overwhelming and struggled with the number of tests.

In 2020, Mathematics, the languages and Subject Music became continuous subjects studied throughout the year. These subjects continue to be assessed by both tests and examinations. Life Orientation (which includes Cognitive Skills), Computer Skills and Design & Technology (which includes coding and robotics), as well as Physical Education, will also be taught throughout the year but, of these, only Computer Skills and Design & Technology will be assessed. These assessments will not take the form of formal testing.

The number of lessons allocated to LO has increased to allow the girls more opportunities to discuss life issues. All other subjects are taught in 6-week modules and most assessments will be in the form of alternatives to testing. Consequently, girls in Lower V will now study a maximum of 7 formally assessed subjects at any time. In 2022, we plan to expand the offering of modules, in order to offer some exciting and different elective subjects or courses.

A course in Ethical Thinking is a mandatory subject for all Middle V pupils. Introduced in 2020, it has proven to be most successful and pupils have enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the ethics around current issues.