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Senior School Sports

Senior School



Sport is, and has been since the school started, both an integral and a critically important aspect of life at Roedean. From the early days, when cricket matches were played on rough fields, to today, when our pupils have the privilege of playing on state-of-the-art facilities, sport is deeply entrenched at the school.

We believe that it is vital for the physical and emotional well-being of every pupil for her to participate in some form of sport every week. The benefits are wide-ranging and sport is a critical element of an holistic education; it is as much a part of learning at Roedean as any academic subject.

By following the highly acclaimed Long-Term Athlete Development Philosophy (LTAD), each pupil is able to achieve the level which suits her best. The philosophy highlights exposure to a variety of different sports at an early age, while creating a lifelong passion for sport and for an active life-style. Those who have aspirations to achieve to the highest level are encouraged to do so, while those who simply enjoy some weekly physical activity are given that opportunity. The members of the Sports Department are passionate about the success of the programme and work hard to implement it successfully.
Many Roedean pupils achieve provincial colours and we are extremely proud of the impressive number who have represented their country in various sporting disciplines over the years.

2019 Provincial and National Sports Representatives.

Many of our high calibre sports teachers and coaches have represented the country in their chosen sports discipline.


  • Providing maximum participation and enjoyment for pupils;
  • Providing effective and enthusiastic coaching/instruction at all levels;
  • Creating opportunities for pupils to perform and compete either at a personal or team level within the school (interhouse activities) and outside the school (interschool and interclub activities);
  • Fostering a healthy school spirit through participation and enjoyment;
  • Supporting sporting excellence
  • Continuing the implementation of transformation in all our sporting codes